Saturday, October 15, 2016

All words...all action

We've all heard it a lot of times, the divide between words ("mere" words...)  and action (so powerful...). But the truth is words speak and actions hear, if they are serious (as actions are supposed to be.) The problem is not that they are words; maybe it's that they are the wrong words. From serious words come movements and from movements come new worlds.    

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rana Plaza Disaster Remembered

3 years ago hundreds of Bangladeshi garment workers were killed or injured when the factory they worked at collapsed on ttop of them and they were unable to escape as doors had been locked. Canadian organizations like Joe Fresh were contractors with the Rana Plaza factory. 3 Years have passed since then, but it's worth asking if life has improved for garment workers in Bangladesh and elsewhere. TorontotheBetter calls for more than concern and ritual regrets. The still new Canadian government must act where the previous adinistration did not.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Innovation - Notso

Lest we forget, Adolf Hitler did social innovation, so did Margaret Thatcher, Ronald  Reagan and countless tyrants in history. Only a self-induced amnesia by a self -absorbed generation of upper middle class westerners think they got the innovation gene as a birthright. In fact, the real social innovation is going on all the time as it always has, out of sight, in landless peasants' movements, middle eastern squares and the homes of the oppressed everywhere, where getting through the day in one piece constantly concentrates the mind. 
The innovation wave is on us. There are centres for it. And recently a Toronto university got honoured for doing it. Silly me - I thought innovation came with our Darwinian territory. 

Pretty innovative to think we're the only ones doing it and know the trick.